The artifact grants the abiltity for the Skylands to stay in the sky and provides water and nourishment magically to the soil.


The artifact is fashioned after Ice Wing's own cutie mark.

Ice bolt s cutie mark by alexandru1208-d4r166p

One of the Diamonds of the Ice Wing


The artifact was created by Ice Wings to give magical power needed to keep the Skylands inhabitable


This artifact produces PP from the Ice blue mineral Aerium Azureorum (Blue of the sky) which produces enough PP to magically repair any damage to the islands trees and rocks, and sustain the Skylands with water and minerals. Ice Wings put a protective spell on the artifacts and sealed them in the heart of the Skylands so no mortal or other gods, even himself, could retrieve the artifacts.


The artifact is useless outside of its current employment. It was specifically created to channel energy through the land it was fashioned for. It is magically sealed in bedrock.