"Lighting the way through the darkness of the new world, creatures that looked liked glittering lanterns light a pathway trhough the dark landscape. What is the unknown becomes known by help of the fireflies."

Physical DescriptionEdit

Parasprite gilda display

One of the many Glitterbugs found

Glitterbugs are tiny creatures that resemble round fireflies. They have fluttering wings that expels light from every flap, which gives off a faint glow. They have large, glowing eyes that radiate with love and care.


They mainly inhabit the Solar Meadows, but they can essentially live anywhere on Hestrgard.


The glitterbugs were created from the essence of Solaria to add variety and essentially the first creature to the new world. Being that they are created mostly from energy, they can be used in many ways as focus points for other godlike beings to tinker around with.


Mainly, these creatures can act as natural light sources to navigate through the darkness, but aside from their natural qualities, glitterbugs are generally not aggressive and therefore will not engage in any kind of combat.