"The world, at large, is a desolate ball of dust and rock. Nothing stirs on its surface-- all is but silent. Then one day, something wonderful happens..."


Forged from the teamwork of several gods, Hestrgard is the first world to come into existence. It is a symbol of civility and a beacon of new hope. The ultimate test for the ponies is to keep the world together if they want to keep their own hopes marching forward.


The world sports a variety of terrain changes. There are occasional rolling hills and valleys. Canyons and plateaus scar the surface of the planet, as well as a large mountain range with caverns full of precious minerals within.

There is an area above the world where clouds support bits of rock from the world's surface, dubbed the Skylands.


Inside the dwelling caverns of the tall mountains, creatures, known as Selenites, are bound at work within the confines of the dark caves.

Above the world, Starbright Dragons provide daylight for the world.


Within the Solar Meadows, huge quantities of Glitterbugs populate the branches and trunks of the trees and bushes and bask in the soothing warmth of the landscape.


A large area of the planet is covered in grasslands. In one portion of the grassland, trees of light emerge (dubbed the Solar Meadows).

In the skies above, the Skylands hover about on pillows of dust and water.

Nearby LocationsEdit

Above the safety of the world, the Moon circles about like a faceless ball in the endless soup of black.


Forged from the fires of Equina and the combined efforts of Iterdom, Ice Wings, and Senthor, Hestrgard is the beacon of the darkness and the first of many worlds that will soon emerge.