Ice Wings2
'God Information'
Name Ice Wings
Player Rapidfire
Appearance White body with a silver and light blue mane
Domains God of the skies and lord of the clouds
Symbol An Ice Bolt
Alignment Neutral

Ice Wings is the 5th Lord of Creation


He is extremely fast and agile, but arrogant about his abilities and attitude at times. He is a lonely spirit of the wind and clouds looking for a purpose to his life to create creatures to inhabit the sky when the time comes. As the first of the second wave of created gods, he feels lonely and isolated from the original four gods. He is calm and approachable most times, but when angry can unleash powerful storms.


His white body gleams of the brilliance of the sky. He is an alicorn with an ice blue wing as his cutie mark and symbol. His silver and light blue mane waves in a magical breeze that is unfelt to anyone but himself.. Also, an image of your god may go here as well (click Add Photo)


He was created by Solaria after she looked on the creation of a world. He could be considered a younger brother to the other two gods created before him


The BeginningEdit

He was born out of a cloud of gas and water, and his first action when he was alive was to declare his loyalty to Solaria in gratitude for being brought into existence. His first action of power was to blanket the fiery world with the cloud he had created to create a liveable atmosphere. It rained in a huge downpour to create the first lakes, rivers, and oceans once the cloud was in place over the earth. Once the cloud had rained all of the water out, it broke up into many smaller clouds to reveal a beautiful blue sky which Ice Wings promptly flew around to enjoy his creation.Edit

Creating in SolitudeEdit

After flying around and observing the other gods terraforming the earth, he longed for a chance to do the same. Chunks of the rocky earth broke off and sailed into the sky to form ten floating islands at various elevations. Three diamonds floated up to his horn, and once they touched it, were transformed into the shape of his cutie mark and filled with the power needed to produce energy needed to nourish soil, magically provide water, and keep the ten islands floating. He sealed the diamonds into the stony hearts of the three largest islands with a protective spell. He bestowed crystal waters, plants, and a beautiful stone unique to the Skylands that contains small light blue crystals on his created land. He first touched his creation on Crystallos, the largest island. He laid to rest on a stone, and used the last of his extra energy to build a temple suitable for him around where he landed. He now waits for Solaria to answer his call while he recovers the energy he expelled.Edit