Conflicts between gods, exarches, nations, etc. are strongly encouraged. Conflicts help bring flavor and depth to the setting, making it more interesting both to participate in as developers and more interesting to play for GM's and players.

Ideally, players should discuss the matter of conflict beforehand. The outcome of conflict should be reasonable and the result of Roleplaying. Below you will find some formal definitions of a God/ Nation's conflict power, but feel free to ignore these entirely if you can come up with a better solution.

Divine Combat

Combat power is determined as follows, with whomever has the larger power winning:

PP granted per week
+PP spent on an 'attack'
+Combat Artifacts (max 4)
+2 for each aiding god
+2 for a fight in your 'home'

Mortal Combat

Combat power is mainly determined by RP interactions and is restricted only to actions generated by pp, not so much by the strength of the nation as a whole or by the number of nourishes a particular nation has. For instance, a large nation of goblins might not be enough to take down a clan of giants unless they have invented new ways of carrying out combat.