Selenites are magical, mineral based creatures that move though the earth, leaving veins of ores and gems in their wake.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Selenites appear as roughly horse shaped beings, compossed of various types of minerals. These will be the minerals behind. They can grow up to 6 meters tall, depending on how old they are, and how far they have traveled.


Selenites live within solid stone, growing, rather than digging, through it. This is how they feed, grow, and travel, metabolizing the stone and trasmuting it into a new material. They will very rarely venture to the surface, unless summoned for a new purpose.


Selenites were created by Covell for the express purpose of spreading minerals.


Selenites are large, strong, and very, very tough. Because they move by magic, and have no vital organs, there is no easy way to hurt one. By their nature, they are not violent, and have little interest in the affairs of mortals. However, if they do become engaged in combat, they will usually fight with brute force, using their bulk to crush whatever threat they face.