'God Information'
Name Senthor
Player SnazzyDinoMo
Appearance Senthor is a bright brick red Stallion with a white and Forest Green Mane and Tail.
Domains Active:Strength, Passive:Integrity and Work
Symbol A set of Weights
Alignment Neutral
Avatars None
Planes None
Artifacts None
Exarches None
Heroes None
Races None
Nations None
Monsters None
Plants None
Landforms None



Senthor is the god of Strength and even thought he one of the most powerful creatures in the world he still craves for more power and Domince over The World


Senthor is a bright brick red Pony with a Short,White and Green, rough tail the same colour as his mane he has Black Hooves as black as the night Sky

Senthor The God


Senthor was created by the God Solaria to bring Strength upon the weak World that had been Created


Senthor was Created by the God Solaria which shortly after he broke the land while giving it strength so it would no lomger be fragile