'God Information'
Name Solaria
Player Xeadin
Appearance Solaria is the beating drum that provides the life-giving sustenance of light
Domains Creation; Light, Fury
Symbol Eternal twin-dancing suns
Alignment Neutral
Artifacts Starblade
Exarches Starswirl Dragon
Monsters Glitterbugs, Starbright Dragons
Landforms Solar Meadows

Solaria is the 1st Lord of Creation


Resembling the beauty of creation and the power of stars, Solaria is an influential figure and a critical asset towards the basis of creation itself. She is open-minded but sometimes can be a little bitter. Her elegance and simple nature gives birth to new ideas and grants her the opportunity to try out new ideas and approaches. Her own realization to harmony comes in the notion of her obsession with life, and she will do whatever necessary to keep life in proper balance.

Solaria 2
She is represented as the Furious Mother, the Light of Divinity; her symbol is that of eternal twin-dancing suns. Her cutie mark is that of her symbol as well.


She appears as a light-haired Alicorn that sparkles in the sunshine with a mane that shines as bright as the stars. She has striking yellow eyes and an aura of restlessness.


Forged from the heart of creation, Solaria came into being from a tiny spark of divine nature that gave her sentience and purpose. The fire of this forgery burns within her, which captivates and motivates her to draw on and create a new legacy.
Cutie mark LS

Symbol of Solaria


From the first few moments of creation, the first set of gods have been brought forth into creation from her essence. The first two, Equina and Iterdom, forged the world, known as Hestrgard. A third god, Ice Wings, was brought from her essense and assisted with the creation of the new world.

From this moment in time, Solaria brought forth another god, Senthor, into being and further assisted the young world to become stronger. In addition, she summoned a mighty dragon-- the Starswirl Dragon, a guardian of the New World-- to circulate around the cosmos and to defend the worlds from mass harm.

After a set amount of time, she brought to life another divine being, known as Kyno-Meta, to govern the natural resources aided by her sister, Covell. During this process, she nurtured the landscape around her and brought forth a celestial meadow of sparkling trees, adding light to an already dim world.