"A delicate and fragile pendant hangs from the neck of a beautiful, white pony. She mutters a few words and the pendant flitters to life, glowing with golden light around its edges. The longest point of the pendant sheds light down to where it meets the gorund, while the other end forms a spiraling handle. The golden light solidifies into a goldem metallic surface-- ancient inscriptions are scribed on the blade of the sword in magestic white light. The blade glows with a soft warmth and casts away all sorrows."



The blade has two forms:

Star Pendant: Etched in a golden metallic dust in the shape of a star, the pendant holds the essence of the Starblade. It keeps it blade in a convenient loaction so that if it ever needs to be used, the wielder can will it into existence. Essentially, the pendant masks the blade's existence, so anybody who knows of the sword also knows of the pendant. Anyone who only knows of the pendant does not know of the sword's existence.

Starblade: A powerful sword made from the dust of a dying star. It is crafted in a fashion that allows its user to ransform it into a beautiful pendant. The sword has the ability to shape the patterns of life around the wielder, but it cannot use this power to shape the land or create new laws of order. This hindrance gives the blade more balance towards combat, but it cannot grant any bonuses if used in times of turmoil.



The Starblade was created by Solaria to preserve hope and to further balance the world with life.


This artifact provides a 1pp Nourish bonus to encourage a race, nation, or creature to further establish their hold on the land and to increase their population to an extent. The bonus can also be used to nourish the landscape around the wielder to create new forms of life, or to increase the strength of life that exists in the region. This bonus cannot be used while the blade is in pendadnt form, and only those that know of the blade's existence can utilize its bonus.


The starblade is not meant to be held in the hands of a regular mortal being or creature. It is mainly created to be held and used by the dieties and exarchs.