"As the night nears an end, a streak of glittering silver streaks across the black sky like white fire. Another streak follows suit, followed by another. Soon, the horizon is lit up by a glowing mass of streaks falling from the sky. As the light nears, it casts away shadows that have shrouded the lands in what seemed to be eternal night. The first dawn breaks the silence of the world..."

Physical DescriptionEdit

The starbright dragons are large, winged reptilians that resembles the celestial body that circles the world. They have scales that shine as bright as the stars and their wings shimmer with a sentient, glittering dust. They have eyes of pure gold and have a keen optimistm


They like to live in relatively high places, such as mountains. They are usually actively in flight, providing the world with light in every waking minute.


They were born from the heart of Solaria and given the task to give the gift of daylight to the new world.


The dragons are able to fend themselves off when threatened, but they do not attack others without reason, given that they are fairly intelligent beasts.