"Out in the vast darkness of the night skies, a streak of light arcs across the sky-- trailing brilliant, glittering dust behind it. Some say it was a shooting start-- others believe it to be a majestic celestial body, or comet. The sightseers below do not realize the reality behind that 'shooting star.'"


Glittering with divine brilliance, the serpentine giant appears as a long, snake-like reptile with wings of blinding light and scales of golden brilliance. Its eyes are an empty black, but within its eyes is a feeling of warmth and encouragement.

In a mortals' eyes, it is often depicted as either a shooting star or a white comet streaking over the night skies.


Forged from the heart of Solaria, the Starswirl Dragon is an embodiment of her own tender care and ardent protection of the new worlds, providing new encouragement for the races below as well as encouraging the land below to acquire new laws of physics from the dragon's stardust.


The Starswirl Dragon has an influential effect on mortal races, creatures, and anything having sentience with the material realm. In turn, the dragon provides a 1pp Command bonus to a race or nation for teaching a new technology, strategy, or skill. It also provides this bonus to the landscape itself, functioning as a makeshift Mold action, which gives the affected area a new law or a set of new laws of physical or metaphysical qualities.

In this manner, the Starswirl Dragon is treated as a Global Exarch. For RP purposes, the dragon will always respond to Solaria's requests immediately, but it may not always respond immediately to other god's requests.


The dragon was created by Solaria and is currently cruising the emptiness of the dark void-- keeping its distance from the new worlds until needed.