The Skylands are a floating islands created and blessed by Ice Wings to create a place in the sky from which to dwell and reign as the Lord and Protector of the Sky



Crystallos, Ice Wings home

The Skylands are kept above the earth by artifacts called the Diamonds of the Ice Wing which provide the magical energy needed to sustain life and keep the islands from falling. It is a series of seven small pieces of land and three larger islands that are suspended above the air. Notable features include special stones that sparkle with the same color as Ice Wing's mane, different plants from the world below, and brooks and small lakes on the surface. It is a green paradise in the sky


Aetherial Forests in the sky with beautiful light blue glistening stones, crystal clear brooks and lakes, and lush green trees fed from the power of a powerful set of artifacts.


None so far


None have been created as of yet


Major islands: Solarian, Aquarius, Crystallos (Ice Wing's personal island home)

Place of interest: Ice Wing's temple/home on Crystallos

Nearby LocationsEdit

Solar Meadows


Created by Ice Wings to serve as his personal domain and to give Solaria a gift in return for the life she gave to him.

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