Guidelines for Wiki Upkeep extra PPEdit

1) In order to get extra PP, you will need to register and post under an official account. While it might be possible to track down an "anonymous contributor", doing so on large scales is wholly untenable. As such, unless you are logged in, you won't be counted.

2) Wiki-upkeep entails one of the following:

  • If you have made many changes to the world recently, updating the wiki to be in line with those changes will count.
  • If you have not made changes, working on keeping other parts of the wiki up to date will also count. Possible options are PP expenditures, Game History, Proofreading, helping out another god who is weeks behind on upkeep, tidying up the wiki for already finished LoCs, etc, etc.

It should be feasable for every player that wants extra PP to get extra PP.